Tuesday , September 18 2018

The Cheapest 4K TVs

4K televisions are the future of television viewing. They offer up to four times the resolution of an ordinary HD television. A typical 4K television set is able to display 4K content at more than 8 million pixels per image, which is about four times what your regular HD television is capable of. Thus, images on a 4K television set are very true to life and the details displayed are also something that no HD TV will ever be able to match.

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Clarity and depth

When you view objects on a 4K television set they will appear with utmost clarity and the black colors are very deep and black. The pictures that you see on 4K television sets are very sharp and deep. 4K is a term that is used to describe a technology that ensured almost 4000 pixels wide and 1080 pixels tall.

Fantastic pictures

It certainly makes sense to buy a 4K television set because a lot of content is available in 4K resolution. The good news is that even regular HD content looks very fantastic because your television set is capable of upscaling content to 4K. Here is a look at how you can get the best 4K television set.

Tips to help you make the right choices

First of all, you need to make sure that you do not settle for an ordinary 1080p set because then you will not be buying a future-proof television set. Secondly, you need to have at least five hundred dollars budget to spend on your new 50 to 55-inch set. And, if you plan on buying a 65-inch model then be prepared to shell out at least 900 dollars. When choosing your television makes sure that it has a refresh rate of not less than 120 Hz.

HDR compatible

If you plan on buying a state-of-the-art set then be sure to check out the HDR compatible sets because these are the ones that offer the most realistic colors as well as outstanding contrast. If you want to go for an OLED set, then again you need to be prepared to pay extra because these sets are very expensive. Also, make sure that you go with a set that has a minimum of 4 HDMI ports. Although curved sets are very fashionable they don’t offer a better picture.

How big is big enough?

Choosing the correct screen size is important when shopping for a 4K television set. When choosing a screen size look for the number of people who are going to view the set and also take into account the positioning of the set. Once you have determined these two factors, then choose the biggest screen size that can be accommodated in your space. And, of course, keep your budget in mind when making your decision.

How many pixels are suitable?

Resolution is another important factor. Obviously, you don’t want to settle for less than 4K resolution. With this amount of resolution, the small objects on the screen look very sharp and have excellent detail. And, if you are interested in greater amount of color, then be sure to buy an HDR, which is a new feature in the modern 4K television sets.

Quick refresh rates

The faster the refresh rate the better your 4K television set. So, look for a refresh rate that is not less than 120 Hz though one with refresh rate of 240 Hz would be nice, provided you can afford to buy such a set.

For top quality audio, you may need to invest in a soundbar. This is because sound on most 4K television sets is not so good, which is why it pays to connect it to a soundbar. Finally, be sure to check the warranty on the set. It actually does make sense to pay to pay extra for an extended warranty though these days manufacturers are going as far as even offering 5 year warranties on their sets.